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Introducing Greg’s 2017 photo wall calendars!

Posted in Greg recommends, Greg's photographs on November 5, 2016 by Greg Brown

2017 “Views from the Flying Carpet” Photo Wall Calendars

new 2013 Lulu FC oversize wall calendar-frontHere come my 2017 “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial photo wall calendars, filled with my favorite aviator’s-eye views from around the country.

This “Greatest Hits” version comes in two sizes, featuring some of my most popular aerial photographs from my “Views from the Flying Carpet” series of Fine Art Metal Prints.

2015 Lulu FC Greatest Hits standard wall calendar-frontBoth calendar sizes feature exceptional image quality suitable for framing!

Note that because these photographs represent my most popular images to date, all have appeared in various calendars from previous years.

2017 “Views from Flagstaff” Photo Wall Calendars

new 2013 Lulu FC oversize wall calendar-front

These calendars feature some of my favorite photographs shot in and around our beloved Flagstaff, Arizona, including several from my “Down to Earth” series of Fine Art Metal Prints.

Among them are photographs of historic downtown Flagstaff including the landmark Weatherford and Monte Vista hotels, the San Francisco Peaks, 2015 Lulu FC Greatest Hits standard wall calendar-frontCoconino County Fair, seasonal views of summer sunflowers and autumn aspens, and Flagstaff’s famed New Years “Great Pinecone Drop!”

(Previous buyers note that the 2017 “Views from Flagstaff” calendars contain the same great photos as last year’s.)

New for 2017: “Views from Korea” Photo Wall Calendars

2014 Japan oversize wall calendar-frontCheck out my new terrestrial, 2017 “Views from Korea” photographic wall calendars!

Included are amazing photographs taken in the Republic of [South] Korea, little-known among Americans, with its fascinating blend of old and new.

Lulu Korea standard wall calendar-front copySee Seoul’s renowned Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gunsan’s Barley Festival, traditional Korean horsemen in Jeonju, Gochang-eup Fortress, and more troubling, North Korea viewed from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Joint Security Area.

2017 “Views from Japan” Photo Wall Calendars

2014 Japan oversize wall calendar-frontOnce again, I’m also offering my terrestrial, 2017 “Views from Japan” photographic wall calendars.

Although a departure from my aerial persona, Jean and I have been so taken with Japan’s beauty and character during our travels that I can’t resist sharing special images from there.

This is one country you must make plans to visit! And once seeing the included photographs, I suspect you’ll agree.

2014 Lulu Japan standard wall calendar-frontIncluded are amazing views of Kyoto’s and Nara’s exquisite temples, Matsumoto Castle, Osaka’s Dotombori Entertainment District, a Shinto wedding at Miyajima Island, Tokyo’s Ginza District, and Ogimachi Historic Town.

(Previous buyers note that the 2017 “Views from Japan” calendars contain the same great photos as in prior years.)

2017 “Well, I’ll Be!” Photo Wall Calendars

2015 Lulu FC Greatest Hits standard wall calendar-frontCheck out my 2017 “Well, I’ll Be!” Photo Wall Calendar, featuring some of my wackier photographs.

I created this calendar primarily to hang over my own desk, but can pretty much guarantee you a monthly smile when you change pages!

(Available only in Standard size. Previous buyers note that the 2017 “Well, I’ll Be!” calendar contains the same great photos as last year’s.)

Click on each calendar image to preview and order, or visit my Calendar Store!

(To preview monthly calendar pages, click “preview” under the picture on the individual calendar page.)

Calendar Sizes and Pricing

Each full-color 12-month wall calendar series comes in two sizes:

  • Standard 11″x17″ for $19.95* (8.5″x11″ images).
  • Premium oversize 13.5″x19″ for $29.95* (9.5″x13.5″ monthly images).

Photos for a given calendar are similar in both formats except for cover image and size.

What a great way for you and your lucky gift recipients to celebrate each month of the new year!



  • All calendars can be shipped directly to you, or to others as gifts.
  • Shipping and sales tax (if applicable) are additional.
  • “Well, I’ll Be!” calendars come only in Standard Size.

©2016 Gregory N. Brown

Greg shares Arizona flying destinations on “AOPA Live”

Posted in flying destinations, Greg recommends on September 17, 2016 by Greg Brown


Hey Folks, check out my “Flying Carpet” video segment with Warren Morningstar on this week’s September 15th AOPA Live aviation news broadcast, about Arizona flying destinations within range of AOPA’s upcoming Prescott Fly-in.

Find my mentioned Southwest Flying Destinations post here, and learn about my new Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition book here.

Hope to see you at the Fly-in!




Southwest flying destinations

Posted in flying destinations, Greg recommends on September 17, 2016 by Greg Brown

For my fellow “AOPA Live” fans, here is a reblog of my Southwest Destinations post.

Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog

Acoma957e909SmWReaders often ask me for Southwest flying destinations. Flying New Mexico and Arizona is generally less challenging than the more northerly Rockies. Density altitude is an issue, but our lower terrain offers more route options for circumnavigating weather. We get afternoon turbulence and thunderstorms here, so summertime flying is best done in early mornings and late afternoons. (For more on regional flying weather, see Tom Horne’s terrific book, Flying America’s Weather.) It would be wise to study mountain flying before piloting the West for your first time. (For starters, check out AOPA’s free online Mountain Flying course.)

Some of my favorite Southwest destinations:

  • Durango, Colorado: ride the Durango & Silverton steam train; kayak rapids through town!
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: founded by the Spaniards in 1608, with adobe buildings dating from that era. The 2nd oldest city in the country after St. Augustine, Florida. Dining, history, art…

View original post 510 more words

“Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs,” Greg’s webinar with NAFI Chairman Bob Meder

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SFI-2 FrontCover_shadow1200I had the pleasure of being Bob Meder’s guest on this month’s NAFI Chairman’s Webinar. (National Association of Flight Instructors)

As you’d expect, we spoke primarily on flight training and flight instructor topics, with emphasis on key marketing, motivational, and pricing ideas and insights from my new book, The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition.

CFIs and flight school operators should find this material particularly relevant.

So if those topics interest you, please have a listen by clicking below! (Also available as MP3.)

Thanks to Bob and NAFI for inviting me to participate!


Introducing “The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition!”

Posted in Greg recommends, Greg's piloting tips, Greg’s flight instructor tips on January 19, 2016 by Greg Brown

The Savvy Flight Instructor – Secrets of the Successful CFI

SFI-2 FrontCover_shadow1200I’m pleased to announce the long-awaited 2nd edition of my popular aviation book, THE SAVVY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR: Secrets of the Successful CFI!

You’ve mastered the CFI study materials, passed your toughest-ever oral exam, and can now talk and fly simultaneously from the right seat. You can write lesson plans, enter mysterious logbook endorsements, and explain the details of a lazy eight. That’s all you need to know to flight instruct…or is it?

This book is designed to help with all those “other” flight instructing questions, like how to recruit new flight students and keep them flying, conduct successful intro lessons, and optimize your students’ checkride pass rates.

New in this edition

This new edition adds 20 years of additional knowhow to the networking, pilot training, and customer support concepts that made the original edition required CFI reading, plus lots of important new material you won’t want to miss.

A new dedicated section for aspiring flight instructors explains why and how to become a CFI, and how to get hired.

Instructors at all levels will learn how to sell today’s pilot prospects via online marketing and social media, and how to outsell competing activities beckoning from a finger-touch or mouse-click away.

Seasoned flight instructors and flight school managers will learn how to systematize customer success and satisfaction, price and structure their services to fit today’s markets, and implement flight instructor professionalism.

The “finer points” from industry experts: Learn how today’s flight training innovators promote their services and serve their customers in Heather Baldwin’s case-studies chapter. Discover how flight school owner and marketing guru Dorothy Schick crafts customer service policies to put clients first. Longtime DPE Jason Blair shares insights on checkrides and CFI specialization opportunities. Ever wonder how the big private and collegiate fight academies operate so efficiently? Then don’t miss Ben Eichelberger’s flight training standardization chapter. And no one’s better qualified to project future flight training trends than renowned aviation writer and editor Ian Twombly.

In short, this book shows how to use your instructing activities to surpass student expectations, achieve business success, promote general aviation, and advance your personal flying career all at once. (Peek inside, here.)

ORDER YOUR BOOK NOW through ASA or your favorite pilot supplies source. (ASA, amazon Kindle, and iTunes ebooks coming soon.)

Thanks to all, for your many years of support for this and my other books!


©2016 Gregory N. Brown

New! Greg’s “Views from Flagstaff” Photo Wall Calendars

Posted in Greg recommends, Greg's photographs on December 28, 2015 by Greg Brown
new 2013 Lulu FC oversize wall calendar-front

Views from Flagstaff – Premium

Check out my new 2016 Views from Flagstaff Photo Wall Calendars!

These feature thirteen of my favorite photographs shot in and around our beloved Flagstaff, including several from my new “Down to Earth” series of Fine Art Metal Prints.

2015 Lulu FC Greatest Hits standard wall calendar-front

Views from Flagstaff – Standard

Of course my popular 2016 Views from the “Flying Carpet,” featuring my renowned aerial images, and Views from Japan, and “Well’ I’ll Be!” Wall Calendars also remain available.

Preview and order them all at my Calendar Store!

(To preview monthly calendar pages, select “more detail” on those that interest you, and then click “preview” under the picture on the individual calendar page.)

Each full-color 12-month wall calendar series comes in two sizes**:

  • Standard 11″x17″ for $19.95* (8.5″x11″ images).
  • Premium 13.5″x19″ for $29.95* (9.5″x13.5″ monthly images).

FCfrontCalendarSizeComparisonSm800Photos are similar in both formats except for cover image and size.

All calendars can be shipped directly to you, or to others as gifts.

Yes, they’re late for Holiday gift-giving, but still timely for your own wall or New Year’s presents.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Greg & Jean

*Check here for any current publisher specials. (Look for “calendars” and/or “print books” discounts.

**Plus shipping. “Well, I’ll Be!” calendars come only in Standard Size.

“‘Echo’ of the Past” Greg’s January, 2016 Flying Carpet column

Posted in flying adventures, Flying Carpet column, Greg recommends, Greg's piloting tips, Greg's photographs with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 25, 2015 by Greg Brown

Ten hours home

3-GregBrownFT116_3341eSmw1200Good times not withstanding, Jean and I were more than ready to head home following eight days on the road.

The daylong journey from Aurora, Illinois to Flagstaff, Arizona appeared daunting, however, especially against headwinds. If necessary we’d stay over with our friend Bruce in Santa Fe, just two hours from home.

A country church filled our windshield after takeoff this morning, but how much closer could we get to heaven than these sparkling Sunday skies? Yes, there was weather through Illinois and Missouri, but we dodged it easily enough. Initially we faced a ten-knot headwind. I’ll accept that westbound, anytime! But gradually it grew to twenty knots, and then thirty. Changing altitudes didn’t help. That gave us plenty of time to discuss the week’s travels.

This journey originated two years ago, when Howard Spanogle, long-ago faculty advisor for the Echo high school newspaper where I once served as photography editor, proposed a reunion. At first this seemed overkill—after all there were only a handful of Echo staffers at a given time. However “Mr. S” had been adviser for 26 years, so there’d be many attendees beyond my immediate circle. Jean hesitated to go until my closest Echo friends talked their spouses into attending. After all, who are we these decades later without them?

VirgaAloft_Oklahoma_3394eSmw1200Flying “East” is a trek, so en route we’d capitalized on the Flying Carpet’s flexibility to visit friends and family.

The circuitous journey had delivered us to four Midwestern states, culminating in yesterday’s reunion…


Top Photo: Sunday morning country church near Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Lower photo: Virga south of Boise City, Oklahoma.


(This column first appeared in AOPA Flight Training magazine.)


©2015 Gregory N.Brown

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