“Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane”


by Greg Brown, Foreword by Stephen Coonts

Journey life’s skies with Greg Brown as he matures from fledgling to seasoned aviator, encountering aerial adventure and colorful characters along the way. Sweat with him through harrowing flights, learn by his triumphs and mistakes, and join his young family growing up aloft.

This book goes beyond the physical act of flying — it’s about conquering the nagging fears that consume every new pilot when mastering this most revered and challenging of human endeavors.

Most of all, it’s about the joy and boundless freedom of being a pilot, pursuing like our aerial ancestors the inescapable lure of the map.

For more details, see the original Flying Carpet News Release. (PDF document).

Published by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.)

Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane is available in print and ebook via your favorite online sources including ASA, RedShelfAmazon including Kindle, and iTunes, OR…


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What reviewers say:

“If Greg Brown can’t inspire you to join us in the sky, no one can.”
— Stephen Coonts, New York Times best-selling author

“the tale of a person who evolves to think with the mind of a pilot, question with the curiosity of a philosopher, and see with the eyes of a poet. I’m hooked!”
— Rod Machado, aviation writer, humorist, and official flight instructor for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator

“Quite marvelous — a journey of life and flying that contains some of the most fetching words yet penned about a father-son relationship…”
— Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Author, and Speaker, Forbes

“You don’t have to be a pilot, or even a frequent flyer, to soar with Greg Brown in Flying Carpet.”
— Nina Bell Allen, Former Asst. Managing Editor, Readers Digest

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