Greg’s interviews & talks

Hear Greg’s flight instructing tips, philosophy, and stories in this great video interview by NAFI’s John Niehaus! (National Association of Flight Instructors)

Check out Greg’s live-stream “CFI Professionalism,” webinar, with Rod Machado and David St. George, hosted by Russ Still and sponsored by SAFE, Gold Seal, and the FAA.

“Flying High and Hot,” Greg shares density-altitude and mountain flying tips on AOPA Live.

Greg shares Arizona flying destinations on AOPA Live.

“Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs,” Greg’s webinar with NAFI Chairman Bob Meder.

AOPA webinar, “Making the Most of your Flight Instructor Team.”

“NAZ Today” television interview, regarding Greg’s “Views from the Flying Carpet” Fine Art Aerial Photography Exhibit at Northern Arizona University.

“Airplane Geeks” podcast interview. Greg and crew discuss pilot training and flight instructor topics, along with industry news.

“Adventure Training”: Tiffany, Kent, and Bill of PilotCast, “banter around ideas with respected author and CFI Greg Brown, to discover ways to bring the sense of adventure back into flight training. From building a sense of community for new students, to rethinking the flight training curriculum, CFI pay, and becoming a pep-talk-giver yourself, no topics are off limits in this exciting episode.”

“Tell me why we fly”: Jason Miller of The Finer Points interviews Greg regarding the joy and freedom of flying. Listen while we discuss one of aviation’s biggest mysteries – why do pilots spend so much time and money in training and stop flying when they get their ticket?

“Become a CFI!” Jason Miller of The Finer Points interviews Greg about the benefits of becoming a CFI.

“Gettin’ there without a scare”: Jason Miller of The Finer Points interviews Greg for advice on how to complete your flights safely.  The go / no-go decision isn’t always black or white.

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