Greg’s “Cockpit Adventures from the Flying Carpet Podcast” (all episodes)

Ride along with renowned aviator, writer, and photographer Greg Brown in his light airplane, the Flying Carpet, as he searches behind clouds for the real America, experiencing countless aerial adventures along the way. 

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Flight #28. “Cowpunchers Reunion”

Flight #27. “Bad Omen”

Flight #26. “Lobe Plays Sedona; Skies Filled with Music”

Flight #25. “Vertigo!”

Flight #24. “Red Sports Car for a Day”

Flight #23. “Fifty Years Aloft”

Flight #22. “Talking Spirits”

Flight #21. “Captain Midnight”

Flight #20. “Backstory: Flight Instructor Hall of Fame”

Flight #19. “Share Your Gift of Flight!”

Flight #18. “Pilgrimage to Oshkosh!”

Flight #17. “Parlez-vous Anglais?”

Flight #16. “World War I in the Air!”

Flight #15. “Birthday Flowers”

Flight #14. “Realm of the Ancients”

Flight #13. “Mayhem Beneath Our Wings”

Flight #Santa! “Ghost of Christmas Flights Past”

Flight #12. “Inches of Runway”

Flight #11. “Vulture’s Prey”

Flight #10. “Long Journey North”

Flight #9. “Flying the Mists of Time”

Flight #8. “Painted into a Corner”

Flight #7. “Snipe Hunt!”

Flight #6. Wildfire! How an Airport Helped Save a Town

Flight #5. Ode to Night Currency

Flight #4. Sky King & the Old Apache

Flight #3. Old Pals and N-Numbers

Flight #2. Cowboy Pilot

Flight #1. New Beginnings: Return to Flight

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About Greg

A former National Flight Instructor of the Year, Greg is author of five books, a former Barnes & Noble Arizona Author of the Month, and recently completed twenty years as aviation adventure columnist for AOPA’s Flight Training magazine. Some reviewers have compared his book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, to sixties road-trip classics like On the Road, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. 

“Greg thinks with the mind of a pilot, questions with the curiosity of a philosopher, and sees with the eyes of a poet.” — Rod Machado, aviation author and humorist

“You don’t have to be a pilot, or even a frequent flyer, to soar with Greg Brown in [his] Flying Carpet.” — Nina Bell Allen, former Assistant Managing Editor, Readers Digest

So buckle in and join Greg for the ride!

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