Greg Brown earns FAA’s prestigious “Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award!”

On September 13, 2022, I was honored to be awarded the FAA’s prestigious “Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award” for fifty years of safe flying, by Ernest Copeland, FAA Safety Team Program Manager from the Scottsdale FSDO (Flight Standards District Office).

Special thanks to my longtime friend, Jim Pitman, CFI and DPE, who nominated me for the award, to Paul Cowdrey and Warren Smith, who provided reference letters supporting me for this honor, and to all the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of flying with over the past 50 years.

Finally, I appreciate your many congratulatory messages! 


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Designing “tomorrow’s” electronic flight displays… back in 1976!

Ever wonder how today’s incredible digital flight displays and simulators developed?

Well as a relatively new private pilot back in 1975, I was enlisted to participate in a new-technology experiment to test the feasibility of using electronic flight displays for instrument flight and training.

The technology of the day allowed me to “fly” a simulator employing an ~8″ CRT (read “old-TV set”) driven by a roomful of computers delivering half a dozen moving lines to convey flight data.

I was intrigued by the experience, and as a University of Illinois Industrial Design grad student, applied to my grad committee to participate as a display designer on the project, which was being conducted by U of I’s Aviation Research Lab (ARL) under US Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsorship.

My assignment was to address symbology and human factors design for some future time when computers became compact and powerful enough to drive more sophisticated displays like today’s.

Well yesterday I came upon my following 1976 presentation slides from that project, which I predict you’ll find interesting. (Click the first image to see it full-size, and then advance using the left-right arrows.)

Let me know what you think!


PS: That simulator pilot appears to be my fellow grad student, Bruce Artwick. You may be familiar with a personal side-project he was working on at the time, now known as MS Flight Simulator!

Greg Brown inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

We piloted our Flying Carpet to the 2021 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention in Las Vegas this week, for my induction into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame. (See Greg’s Hall of Fame credentials.)

Kudos to John Niehaus and the National Association of Flight Instructors for coordinating the judging and execution of this national award. And what an honor to be inducted alongside legendary flight instructors John and Martha King.

Special thanks to my longtime friend, airline Captain Christopher Sis, who nominated me to the Hall of Fame. (Read my 1999 column about how Chris first nominated me as a 16-year-old!)

Thanks also to my friends who provided reference letters and videos supporting me for this honor, and to those who posted messages of support on my web page, which I shared with the judging committee.

Finally, I appreciate your many congratulatory messages! 


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Video: Greg Brown shares flight instructor tips, philosophy, & stories

Hear some of my flight instructing tips, philosophy, and stories in this great interview by John Niehaus of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI). Thanks, John!


For more guidance on this topic, see Greg’s book, The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition.

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“Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs,” Greg’s webinar with NAFI Chairman Bob Meder


SFI-2 FrontCover_shadow1200I had the pleasure of being Bob Meder’s guest on this month’s NAFI Chairman’s Webinar. (National Association of Flight Instructors)

As you’d expect, we spoke primarily on flight training and flight instructor topics, with emphasis on key marketing, motivational, and pricing ideas and insights from my new book, The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition.

CFIs and flight school operators should find this material particularly relevant.

So if those topics interest you, please have a listen by clicking below! (Also available as MP3.)

Thanks to Bob and NAFI for inviting me to participate!


For more guidance on this topic, see Greg’s book, The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition.

Greg’s “Airplane Geeks” podcast interview

Greg-SharlotHallFCopening_JanCollinsphoto_5024eCrSmw1200For you Airplane Geeks podcast fans, I had the pleasure of being their guest this week.

We spoke mostly on flight training and flight instructor topics, along with their usual news and industry features. Here’s the link for those interested in listening.

Thanks to Max, Max, Rob, and David for having me!


For more guidance on this topic, see Greg’s book, The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition.

“Grandpa’s Hat”


Jean and I were walking Kachina Wetlands near sunset a few weeks ago, when up rode this kid, stunting on his bike like you’ve never seen from 5-year-old.

Turns out his beloved grandfather recently passed away, and the only thing he wanted of his grandpa’s belongings was his hat.

The young man told us he wants to be a cowboy, just like his grandpa. Is there any doubt that he’ll make it?!

And yes, he’s wearing “Grandpa’s Hat.”


(Thanks, “Mom,” for letting me share your son’s pic and story!)

©2015 Greg Brown

Greg’s Fine Art Aerial Photography featured in “Cowboys and Indians” magazine

C1_PHOTO_0314How exciting to see my fine art aerial photography featured full-page in this month’s Cowboys and Indians Western lifestyle magazine!

See p. 63 of the February/March print edition, their prestigious “Visions of the West” Annual Photography issue, currently on newsstands nationwide. (I purchased mine at Barnes & Noble.)

Additional generous coverage appears on the Cowboys and Indians web site.

This is my first serious press outside the aviation world, confirming you needn’t be an aviator to appreciate Views from the Flying Carpet.

C&I march 2014I’m particularly pleased because this coverage shares the aerial vistas we pilots so treasure with those on the ground. May it inspire a bunch more aviators!

Many thanks to Dana Joseph, Nancy Franzen, Hunter Hauk, and the entire Cowboys and Indians team, for featuring my work, and to you many friends who have encouraged my small successes to date.

We’ll see what the next chapter may bring!

Sincerely, Greg

©2014 Gregory N. Brown

“Celebrated CFI Greg Brown receives AOPA’s ‘Let’s Go Flying Award'”

GregPortrait-FCcockpit_5984eSmw1200Jean and I have just returned from the 2013 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Summit in Ft. Worth, where I was honored to receive this year’s Let’s Go Flying Award. (For those who aren’t familiar: a previous recipient is Harrison Ford!)

Says the organization:

AOPA has named Greg Brown, a noted flight instructor and general aviation advocate, as the 2013 recipient of its Let’s Go Flying Award, which recognizes the individual or organization that best demonstrates a passion and commitment to the future of general aviation.

Brown was presented with the award during AOPA Aviation Summit 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas.

GregBrown_2013AOPALetsGoFlyingAward_0606eSm1200crA certificated flight instructor since 1979, Brown was the 2000 Industry/FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year and was also the first-ever “Master Flight Instructor.” He is the author of numerous books on aviation, including The Savvy Instructor and You Can Fly!

AOPA members will recognize Brown as the author of the Flying Carpet column in the association’s Flight Training magazine. Brown is also well-known for his aerial photography.

Serving as a mentor to numerous student pilots, Brown is the creator of a Facebook group called “Greg Brown’s Student Pilot Pep Talk Group.” The group is used by participants to share flight training experiences and challenges, and to encourage others.

Many thanks to AOPA and all involved, for honoring my work with this award!