20x30-SunsetRains-MetalPrint_2960-EditeSmw1200Check out my trendy and affordable Fine Art Metal Prints!

20x30-SunsetRains-MetalPrint_2957eSmw1200My full lines of “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial images and “Down to Earth” terrestrial photographs are now available in Fine Art Metal Prints.

I am thrilled with the superb image quality and fidelity of this series, and believe you will be too. What’s more, prices start at an economical $125*.

Each semi-gloss metal print incorporates my signature mark and delivers ready-to-hang on a frameless floating mount.* (Other framing options available at additional cost.)

I predict you’ll be delighted with these impactful and gorgeous prints.


* Fine Art Metal Print sizes and pricing, on ready-to-hang frameless floating mount:

  • 11″x17,” $125
  • 12″x18,” $145
  • 16″x24,” $195
  • 20″x30,” $295
  • 24″x36,” $395
  • 30″x40,” $495

* Details:

  • Prices + shipping & applicable sales tax (Standard shipping costs only $10-$21 within the Continental US.)
  • Normal delivery runs 1 to 3 weeks (not guaranteed.)
  • Print sizes are nominal since aspect ratios vary by image.
  • Contact Greg for custom sizes and framing options, and delivery options outside the Continental US.

Preview and select your desired AERIAL or TERRESTRIAL image!


Order your Fine Art Metal Print here!


Included floating mount


Each semi-gloss metal print delivers ready-to-hang on a frameless back mount that floats it 1/2″ off the wall. This offers an attractive museum-mount appearance, and eliminates the need for additional framing.

Optional frames

Affordable added-cost framing options include Flush and Slim-Floating frames. The default color for each is black, but you can choose other finish options here.

Flush Metal Frame (black)
Slim-Floating Frame (black)
Print SizeFrameless MountFlush FrameFloat Frame
11″ x 17″$125
12″ x 18″$145
16″ x 24″$195
20″ x 30″$295
24″ x 36″$395
30″ x 40″$495$610N/A

©2016, 2019 Gregory N. Brown


  1. The print arrived today in mint condition as the packing was superb.

    The print is gorgeous: in low light it appears as a painting and in high light has wonderful detail. The varied colors are amazing.

    Thanks for this beautiful piece of art that will hang proudly in my home.

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