“Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs,” Greg’s webinar with NAFI Chairman Bob Meder


SFI-2 FrontCover_shadow1200I had the pleasure of being Bob Meder’s guest on this month’s NAFI Chairman’s Webinar. (National Association of Flight Instructors)

As you’d expect, we spoke primarily on flight training and flight instructor topics, with emphasis on key marketing, motivational, and pricing ideas and insights from my new book, The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition.

CFIs and flight school operators should find this material particularly relevant.

So if those topics interest you, please have a listen by clicking below! (Also available as MP3.)

Thanks to Bob and NAFI for inviting me to participate!


For more guidance on this topic, see Greg’s book, The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition.

“Making the Most of your Flight Instructor Team,” Greg’s AOPA webinar

sfi_stdRecently I was invited by Shannon Yeager and Brittney Miculka of AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community, to present a webinar for the professional flight training community.

View my archived 1-hour presentation, “Making the Most of your Flight Instructor Team.”

Those who’d like to learn about succeeding as a flight instructor and in the flight training business as a whole, please consider my book, The Savvy Flight Instructor, available in both print and ebook versions.

Sincerely, Greg

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