“You Can Fly!”


You Can Fly!

by Greg Brown & Laurel Lippert, photography by Tom Lippert

“Whether you’re seventeen, forty, or beginning a new life after retirement, the skies are yours to own. You can fly!” — Greg & Laurel

You’ve always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and no wonder. Flying is humankind’s wildest dream fulfilled — soaring among eagles, playing tag with the clouds and gazing down upon wonders of the earth. Pilots really do get to do those things, and it’s as good as it sounds. Wing your way over lakes, canyons, and crowded freeways, all while blessing friends and family with your newfound gift of flight.

Whether you’re seventeen, forty, or beginning a new life after retirement (no one cares if you wear glasses) the skies are yours to own. So take that long-awaited first step in fulfilling your dream of flight. Strap yourself into the friendly cockpit of our all-color book, grab the controls, and take off. You can fly!

Published by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.)

*The publisher has suspended publication of this book. Some remain available through normal distribution channels, but don’t delay in ordering, as when the current print copies are gone, no more are to be printed. 

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Readers say:

“Awesome pictures! Motivated me to get flying lessons. Is easy to read, organized, and answers all of your questions; how do I become a pilot, what’s flight training all about, and what cool things you can do once you’re a pilot. A must have!!!!” — Matt Hardy, 15-year-old

“I love it! At last, a book that promotes learning to fly as safe, fun, and easy. I now include this book with introductory lessons at our flight school.” —  Arlynn McMahon, VP Aero-Tech, Inc.

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