“The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual 4th Edition”


NEW! The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual Fourth Edition

by Gregory N. Brown & Mark J. Holt

Everything a pilot is expected to know when transitioning to turbine-powered aircraft. Covers all the essentials of turbine aircraft in one book.

Whether you’re preparing for turbine ground school, studying for your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, priming for a corporate or airline interview, or upgrading into a personal jet or turboprop—The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual is designed for you. With precision and a sense of humor, authors Greg Brown and Mark Holt cover all the basics for turbine pilot operations, clearly explaining the differences between turbine aircraft and their piston engine counterparts.

This manual clarifies the complex topics of turbine aircraft engines and all major jet and turboprop power and airframe systems. It includes discussions on high-speed aerodynamics, automation, wake turbulence, high-altitude and adverse weather, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, and cockpit professionalism and leadership.

You’ll be introduced to state-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation including flight management systems (FMS), global navigation (GPS/RNAV/RNP), and head-up guidance systems (HGS). Learn the operating principles of hazard avoidance systems, including weather radar, enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS), predictive wind shear systems (PWS), advanced communication procedures and equipment (datalink and ADS-B), and the latest engine performance management techniques. A wealth of illustrations and additional online resources enhance understanding.

This new fourth edition adds numerous illustrations, technology and terminology updates required for completing an ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). Pilots making the challenging transition from single- to multipilot cockpits will appreciate new crew coordination resources including checklists and briefings. Included are an updated glossary of airline and corporate aviation terminology, handy turbine pilot rules-of-thumb, and a comprehensive turbine aircraft “Spotter’s Guide.”

In short, The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual  introduces all the principles and lingo required to “talk turbine.” Many airlines and corporate flight departments recommend reading this book before interviewing, and prior to attending ground school. 

The straightforward “how-things-work” approach is also ideal for anyone who has ever wondered about how turbine aircraft work, including pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual 4th Edition is available in print and ebook formats.

Published by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.)

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