“The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition” eBook


The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition: Secrets of the Successful CFI

by Gregory N. Brown

You’ve mastered the Flight Training Handbook, and wrapped up one of the toughest orals of your flying career. You can now fly and talk at the same time, all from the right seat. You can write lesson plans, enter mysterious endorsements in student logbooks, and actually explain the finer points of a lazy eight. That’s everything you’ll ever need to know to be a flight instructor… No more questions, right?

Yeah, right! If you’re a little apprehensive about where those students are going to come from, and how you are going to teach them, you’re not alone. The Savvy Flight Instructor is designed to help out with all those “other” flight instructing questions, like how to recruit new flight students. And once you’ve got ’em, how do you keep them flying? How can you optimize your pass rate on checkrides? What are the tricks for getting students to return for their advanced ratings?

Along with tips on how to attract and retain flight students, this book is about professionalism in flight instructing: how to advance your personal flying career by increasing the skills and satisfaction of your students, while promoting general aviation at the same time.

New in this 2nd Edition

This Second Edition adds 20 years of additional knowhow to the networking, pilot training, and customer support concepts that made the original edition required CFI reading, plus lots of important new material you won’t want to miss.

  • A new dedicated section for aspiring flight instructors explains why and how to become a CFI, and how to get hired.
  • Instructors at all levels will learn how to sell today’s pilot prospects via online marketing and social media, and how to outsell competing activities beckoning from a finger-touch or mouse-click away.
  • Seasoned flight instructors and flight school managers will learn how to systematize customer success and satisfaction, price and structure their services to fit today’s markets, and implement flight instructor professionalism.

Also, learn the “finer points” from industry experts:

  • Learn how today’s flight training innovators promote their services and serve their customers in Heather Baldwin’s case-studies chapter.
  • Discover how flight school owner and marketing guru Dorothy Schick crafts customer service policies to put clients first.
  • Longtime DPE Jason Blair shares insights on checkrides and CFI specialization opportunities.
  • Ever wonder how the big private and collegiate flight academies operate so efficiently? Then don’t miss Ben Eichelberger’s flight training standardization chapter.
  • And no one’s better qualified to project future flight training trends than renowned aviation writer and editor Ian Twombly.

In short, this book shows how to use your instructing activities to surpass student expectations, achieve business success, promote general aviation, and advance your personal flying career all at once. (LOOK INSIDE.)

Published by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.)

Download The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition e-book* via ASA, RedShelf, Amazon KindleApple iBook .

*This popular text continues to be available in ebook formats, but the publisher has suspended the print edition. Some may remain available through normal distribution channels, but if you do order a print book, be sure it’s the current Second Edition with clouds on the cover.



Reviewer comments:

“If you want to know how to be a successful CFI, read this book. I am going to make it required reading for every instructor we hire…” Warren Smith, Flight Training Manager, FlightStar Corp

“Outstanding! I firmly believe that if you read this book and apply only a few of the techniques mentioned, you could easily double or triple your business. This should be mandatory reading for all flight school managers… and for an independent CFI this book is worth its weight in gold!” Steve Lofgren, National Air Transportation Association

“…a great primer for… CFIs as to how the game is played and how to win… how to attract students, how to teach ‘em, and how to keep ‘em. If CFIs follow the advice in this book, they will be successful… Every CFI ought to read it!” Flight Training magazine


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    I am trying to purchase two of The Savvy Flight Instructor Pilots’ books. I am in the military and currently doing my certifications at a Part 141 school. I would like to purchase at least two books for the newly minted Department Chair. He is young and I need to purchase this book also as this is my end state.
    Also, I would like to purchase one of the plaques for my instructor. A way to do any of these will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my email and patiently waiting on your reply. Again thanks and have a blessed day.

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