Greg Brown earns FAA’s prestigious “Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award!”

On September 13, 2022, I was honored to be awarded the FAA’s prestigious “Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award” for fifty years of safe flying, by Ernest Copeland, FAA Safety Team Program Manager from the Scottsdale FSDO (Flight Standards District Office).

Following is a 37-minute video of the presentation event, divided into the following chapters accessible via status bar at bottom of video player:

  • Introduction
  • FAA Wright Brothers Video
  • FAA Charles Taylor Video (The mechanic who built the Wright Flyer’s engine from scratch.)
  • Greg’s Award Presentation
  • Greg’s personal photos & flying stories

Special thanks to my longtime friend, Jim Pitman, CFI and DPE, who nominated me for the award, and generously edited the above video from Zoom and video-camera content.

Thanks also to Paul Cowdrey and Warren Smith, who provided reference letters supporting me for this honor, and to all the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of flying with over the past 50 years.

Finally, I appreciate your many congratulatory messages! 


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