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For those who’ve requested a picture of the “Flying Carpet…”

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For those who’ve requested a picture of the Flying Carpet…


“Riding a Flying Carpet,” Viktor Vasnetsov, 1880.

Greg’s latest “Pilot Achievement Plaque”

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I thought you might enjoy seeing my latest Pilot Achievement Plaque, ordered for Scott Tabako Sr. by his son Scott Jr. to celebrate Scott Sr. earning his private pilot certificate, and featuring “Winter Stratus,” one of my renowned Views from the Flying Carpet.

Whether it’s to celebrate first solo, a newly-earned pilot certificate or rating, or a new-to-you airplane, these large 10″ x 20″ frameless, ready-to-hang metal plaques feature your supplied photo and pilot achievement, highlighted with your favorite pilot vista from Greg’s renowned Views from the Flying Carpet aerial photographs. (Only $124 plus s&h and applicable sales tax!)

Congrats, Scott Tabako, Sr, on earning your wings! And thank you, Scott Jr!


“View from the Flying Carpet” cover photo!

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Thanks to Andrew Wisniewski and all my friends at Flagstaff Live for again selecting one of my “Views from the Flying Carpet” images for this week’s cover photo! (Yes, that’s Flagstaff, NAU, and the San Francisco Peaks.)

Download Greg’s “You Can Fly!” ebook for free!

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YCF ebook image-ASA ecrHi Folks,

Get my You Can Fly! eBook for FREE by downloading the new ASA Reader iPhone/iPad App!

Authors Greg Brown and Laurel Lippert write to those who are considering flight training, specifically to answer frequently asked questions about it, and at the same time entice more people into exploring general aviation.”

There are no strings attached. My coauthor Laurel and I, along with the good folks at our publisher, ASA, felt that offering this book for free would be a worthy contribution to get more people into the air to experience the joys of flight we so treasure.

You aviators out there, please share this with your friends who have always dreamed about becoming pilots but didn’t know where or how to start — now they can take that long-awaited first step with some guidance.

Spread the word!


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