Preview Greg Brown’s Fine Art Metal Prints on your home or office wall!

Ever wonder how your favorite(s) of my Fine Art Metal Prints would look on your wall?

  • Can’t decide which photograph would look best in your special spot?
  • Need help visualizing the ideal print size to fit your wall?

Well, select your desired print(s), send me a snapshot of your wall, and I’ll mock it up for you!

All I’ll need are:

  • A sharp, relatively straight-on photo of your wall including surrounding furnishings.
  • A measurement or two of something in the photo for scale. (Wall, window, picture, piece of furniture, etc.)
  • Something white in the picture—trim, moldings, or even a piece of white paper. (Helps me get your home’s colors correct.)
  • Your print choice(s).

To see how your favorite Greg Brown print(s) would look on your wall, contact me with details and I’ll respond with how to proceed!


Blog-post Photo: Mockup of 30″x40” Sunset Rains Fine Art Metal Print on a client’s wall.

Following are my client’s source photo, along with my mockups of her print choices on her living room wall:

©2023 Gregory N. Brown

4 thoughts on “Preview Greg Brown’s Fine Art Metal Prints on your home or office wall!

  1. Great way to advertise your business by giving potential buyers a chance to see your pieces in their actual space. I remember when you did this for me. Will you also include this in your presentation to my PEO Chapter?

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