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The Savvy Flight Instructor – Secrets of the Successful CFI

My book, The Savvy Flight Instructor, has long been the go-to classic for how to succeed in the flight training business. The current Second Edition, introduced in 2016, contains everything a CFI or flight school needs to know about motivating flight students, keeping them flying to earn their ratings, marketing flight training services using modern social media methods, and succeeding financially in this sometimes challenging business. (See more details below.)

The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition (along with most of my books) is instantly downloadable in multiple ebook formats, including from ASA, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBook. I mention this both for convenience, and because the publisher has suspended stocking the print edition. However, this popular text will continue to be available in ebook formats.

For those who crave print books, some remain available through normal distribution channels. (I still have a few autographed copies left, myself.) But don’t delay, as when the current print books are gone, there’s no telling if or when more will be printed.

Either way, be sure to get the up-to-date 2nd Edition with clouds on the cover, which is vastly expanded from the original 1998 edition.

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The Savvy Flight Instructor 2nd Edition

You’ve mastered the CFI study materials, passed your toughest-ever oral exam, and can now talk and fly simultaneously from the right seat. You can write lesson plans, enter mysterious logbook endorsements, and explain the details of a lazy eight. That’s all you need to know to flight instruct…or is it?

THE SAVVY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR; Secrets of the Successful CFI! is designed to help with all those “other” flight instructing questions, like how to recruit new flight students and keep them flying, conduct successful intro lessons, and optimize your students’ checkride pass rates.

New in the current 2nd Edition

This 2nd Edition edition adds 20 years of additional knowhow to the networking, pilot training, and customer support concepts that made the original edition required CFI reading, plus lots of important new material you won’t want to miss.

A dedicated section for aspiring flight instructors explains why and how to become a CFI, and how to get hired.

Instructors at all levels will learn how to sell today’s pilot prospects via online marketing and social media, and how to outsell competing activities beckoning from a finger-touch or mouse-click away.

Seasoned flight instructors and flight school managers will learn how to systematize customer success and satisfaction, price and structure their services to fit today’s markets, and implement flight instructor professionalism.

The “finer points” from industry experts: Learn how today’s flight training innovators promote their services and serve their customers in Heather Baldwin’s case-studies chapter. Discover how flight school owner and marketing guru Dorothy Schick crafts customer service policies to put clients first. Longtime DPE Jason Blair shares insights on checkrides and CFI specialization opportunities.

Ever wonder how the big private and collegiate fight academies operate so efficiently? Then don’t miss Ben Eichelberger’s flight training standardization chapter. And no one’s better qualified to project future flight training trends than renowned aviation writer and editor Ian Twombly.

In short, this book shows how to use your instructing activities to surpass student expectations, achieve business success, promote general aviation, and advance your personal flying career all at once. (Peek inside the book, here.)

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To celebrate completing 20 years of my “Flying Carpet” magazine column, I’ve been offering autographed copies of my most popular books. I am now almost out of them, and do not plan to offer autographed copies again in the foreseeable future.

All my books remain widely available through normal channels, but if you’d like to have or give an autographed copy for Christmas, please order now before I run out.

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12/2 UPDATE: only a few autographed copies of The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition remain. (Sorry, I am out of autographed copies of The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual and Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane.)

The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition

Secrets of the Successful CFI

You’ve mastered the Flight Training Handbook, and wrapped up one of the toughest orals of your flying career.

You can now fly and talk at the same time, all from the right seat. You can write lesson plans, enter mysterious endorsements in student logbooks, and actually explain the finer points of a lazy eight.

That’s everything you’ll ever need to know to be a flight instructor… No more questions, right?

Yeah, right! If you’re a little apprehensive about where those students will come from, and how you are going to teach them, you’re not alone. The Savvy Flight Instructor is designed to help out with all those “other” flight instructing questions, like how to recruit new flight students. And once you’ve got ’em, how do you keep them flying? How can you optimize your pass rate on checkrides? What are the tricks for getting students to return for their advanced ratings?

Along with tips on how to attract and retain flight students, this book is about professionalism in flight instructing: how to advance your personal flying career by increasing the skills and satisfaction of your students, while promoting general aviation at the same time.

New in this second edition:

  • Aspiring flight instructors will learn why and how to become a CFI, how to get hired, and how to build business.
  • Learn how to sell today’s pilot prospects via online marketing and social media, and outsell competing activities beckoning from a mouse-click away.
  • Seasoned flight instructors and flight school managers will learn how to systematize customer success and satisfaction, price and structure their services to fit today’s markets, and implement flight instructor professionalism.

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Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane 

The days of freewheeling aerial adventure are not over

Pilots and aviation enthusiasts will enjoy my popular aviation adventure book, “Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane.” (I was named Barnes & Noble Arizona Author of the Month for this book.) I’ll let the reviewers describe it:

“Buckle in with Greg Brown and head off to chase a solar eclipse or wrestle with ice on your wings or try to outwit troublesome mountain waves. Each chapter of Flying Carpet is a new ticket to extraordinary adventures that transform a pilot from novice to journeyman and eventually, skilled aviator.

“More than just flying stories, this is the tale of a person who evolves to think with the mind of a pilot, question with the curiosity of a philosopher, and see with the eyes of a poet. Pilots will be entertained and wiser for having read it. Non-pilots will thrill to sharing the wings of a skilled aviator. I’m hooked!
— Rod Machado, aviation writer and humorist

“If Greg Brown can’t inspire you to join us in the sky, no one can.”
— Stephen Coonts, New York Times best-selling author

“Quite marvelous — a journey of life and flying that contains some of the most fetching words yet penned about a father-son relationship…”
— Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes

“You don’t have to be a pilot, or even a frequent flyer, to soar with Greg Brown in Flying Carpet.”
— Nina Bell Allen, Former Asst. Managing Editor, Readers Digest

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The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual  Fourth Edition (New!)

Everything a pilot is expected to know when transitioning to turbine aircraft

Whether you’re preparing for turbine ground school, studying for your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, priming for a corporate or airline interview, or upgrading into a personal jet or turboprop—The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual is designed for you.

The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual Fourth Edition covers all the basics of turbine pilot operations, clearly explaining the differences between turbine aircraft and their piston engine counterparts.

The manual clarifies the complex topics of turbine aircraft engines and all major jet and turboprop power and airframe systems. It also addresses high-speed aerodynamics, automation, wake turbulence, high-altitude and adverse weather, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, and cockpit professionalism and leadership.

You’ll be introduced to state-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation, hazard avoidance systems, advanced communication procedures and equipment, and the latest engine performance management techniques. A wealth of illustrations and online resources enhance understanding.

This new edition adds numerous illustrations, technology and terminology updates required for completing an ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). Pilots transitioning from single- to multipilot cockpits will also appreciate new crew coordination resources including checklists and briefings. Included are an updated glossary of airline and corporate aviation terminology, handy turbine pilot rules-of-thumb, and a comprehensive turbine aircraft “Spotter’s Guide.”

In short, The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual  introduces all the principles and lingo required to “talk turbine.” Many airlines and corporate flight departments recommend reading this book before interviewing and prior to attending ground school. 

Reviewer Comments from previous editions:

[This text] should not only improve the hiring opportunity for pilots, but also add hours of sleep to nights between ground school classes… Where was this manual when I needed it? — Dan Russell, captain for a commercial airline

The most comprehensive and complete information available to any aspiring commercial pilot. A basic knowledge of systems and terminology is invaluable not only for initial training, but also for your presentation during the interview process. A must read! — Captain Dick Ionata, senior captain for a major airline

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Don’t care about the autograph? All three books are available in print and ebook formats from the publisher and your favorite online, pilot shop, and bookstore sources.

“Old Pals and N-Numbers,” Greg’s Cockpit Adventures from the Flying Carpet Podcast, Flight #3

Ride along with renowned aviator, writer, and photographer Greg Brown in his light airplane, the “Flying Carpet,” as he searches behind clouds for the real America, experiencing countless aerial adventures along the way.

Listen to “Old Pals and N-Numbers,” Greg’s Flying Carpet Podcast Flight #3

Like fond memories of long-ago lovers, beloved airplanes resurface occasionally from quiet corners of a pilot’s mind. We hear the last three digits of some familiar N-number and are flooded with reminiscences.

But rarely do the abbreviated call signs used in routine communications fully match the numbers of actual steeds we once flew — especially when 1500 miles and thirty years have passed under the wings.

Along the way, you’ll learn how Greg’s airplane, the Flying Carpet, earned her name.

Photo: Greg with college friends at Marsh Harbour International Airport, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas, 1976.

Podcast music by Hannis Brown.


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“Greg thinks with the mind of a pilot, questions with the curiosity of a philosopher, and sees with the eyes of a poet.”Rod Machado, aviation author and humorist

“You don’t have to be a pilot, or even a frequent flyer, to soar with Greg Brown in [his] Flying Carpet.” — Nina Bell Allen, former Assistant Managing Editor, Readers Digest

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