“Night Flight From Vegas,” Greg’s August column

11-GregBrownFT813_6262-EditeSmw1200Caution, planning, and vigilance…

Jean recently invited me to travel with her to Las Vegas for a consulting gig.

“My meeting is from 8am until noon,” she said. “We can fly over the night before, go out to dinner, and be home by mid-afternoon.”

“Sign me up!” I said, glad to support my wife’s mission with our Flying Carpet. She accepted, and her client booked us a room. Just days before the event, Jean received her itinerary.

“This isn’t what I expected,” she said. “The meeting now lasts until 3:30, but that shouldn’t be any big deal.” But I was slightly more concerned. At that time of year Las Vegas is an hour earlier than Flagstaff, with sunset at 4:15pm. By the time Jean got to the airport, darkness would be approaching.

Along many routes that wouldn’t be a particularly big deal, but this would be a moonless night over remote country with few landing sites. What’s more, high terrain west of Flagstaff approaches 10,000 feet, and north of the city lies 12,600-foot Humphreys Peak. I proposed that we stay an extra night.

“Keep in mind that we scheduled home repairs for the following morning,” said Jean. “I set it up months ago. And I have a work project to finish. Could we fly home safely that evening after my meeting?”

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Photo: Final rays of sunset linger over the Las Vegas Strip as we depart McCarran International Airport (visible at lower left). See more photos here.

©2013 Gregory N.Brown (This column first appeared in the August, 2013 AOPA Flight Training magazine.)

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