New video documents Greg’s “Views from the Flying Carpet” Fine Art Aerial Photography

I’m proud to introduce this expanded 7-minute video by videographer Derek Ellis, detailing my objectives and process in creating my Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Aerial Photographic Prints.

In it you’ll learn how I select and shoot my photographs aloft, and the role of Master Photographic Printer Richard Jackson in creating the resulting marvelous prints.

Those who have viewed Derek’s previous short video, please note that the first two minutes are similar. So please don’t give up if the beginning looks familiar.

Hope you enjoy the video!


©2013 Gregory N. Brown

4 thoughts on “New video documents Greg’s “Views from the Flying Carpet” Fine Art Aerial Photography

  1. dear greg,

    this presentation was truly touching and gorgeous……this is the greg that I know and love and admire so much! your work is nothing short of breathtaking, and your very personal explanations are fascinating and passionate. it all comes across with perfection! you have truly found a niche and filled it! we wish your much success and continued fulfillment in this process!

    we are off to nyc on july 4th for nights and then on to our old haunt of rockport, ma. for a few weeks. then back briefly into the oven before going to del mar ca. for a while. please let us know if you will be in that area in august or September. we would love to see you both. sorry we didn’t know you two were in vegas. wish we could have caught up with you then.



    1. Thank you for those very kind words, Susan! Although A & D were in Vegas for 5 months, they only had time for us to visit once – a day trip. (Fortunately they got over here a few times too.) We also had two one-night business trips last fall, but it seems we’re never there long enough to connect. We need to rectify that! Enjoy your travels, and hopefully we can get together in CA or in the fall. Again thanks! Love, G

  2. Great video, Greg! You’re absolutely right – your photography is a great way to share some of the experiences that the non-general aviation public would not otherwise see. It’s tough to convey just what draws pilots to the air, but this gives a good idea and even puts to words what even some pilots have difficulty explaining. Excellent work by all involved!

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