“Santa Fe Concorso,” Greg’s June column & photos

“’Another great reason to come to Santa Fe!’ read Bruce Papier’s email. ‘It promises to be almost as good as Pebble Beach or Hilton Head. If you’re interested, I’ll get tickets.’

“I’m accustomed to such cryptic communications from my old friend, who’s always trying to lure Jean and me to visit him. Not that it takes much urging to draw us to the old Spanish territorial capital, with its rich blend of Spanish and Native American arts, cuisine, and adobe architecture. Then again, my record hasn’t been exemplary lately. It’s become a standing joke that I always seem to be overflying my buddy’s home without landing there.”

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Photo: 1938 Delahaye 145-V12 at last fall’s “Santa Fe Concorso,” La Mesita Equestrian Facility, Santa Fe, NM. See additional photos here.

Learn about attending the 2011 Santa Fe Concorso.

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