Greg’s featured past column: “Festival Flying”

Fly into the Route 66 Fun Run this weekend!

Just got an email from my buddy Mark Harris. “Let’s take the girls to Seligman Saturday morning to see the start of the Route 66 Fun Run!” he wrote.

Hey, that’s one of my favorite auto events! I even wrote a column about it. Read “Festival Flying” here. And it’s happening again this coming weekend, April 30th-May 1st, on the longest existing original stretch of legendary Route 66.

The organized events are Friday night and Saturday morning at Seligman, Arizona; Saturday night and Sunday morning at Kingman. I always attend Saturday morning because you can fly into Seligman’s fine airport (P23), walk a few blocks into town, scope out all the incredible cars, and then dine at Lilo’s or the Roadkill Cafe before flying home. (Kingman requires a ride into town.) Are you within flying range of Northern Arizona? Then check out this weekend’s Route 66 Fun Run!

Photo: Mr. Dwarf Car Ernie Adams at the Route 66 Fun Run in Seligman, with his miniature ’39 Chevy. See more Fun Run photos here.

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