our best “airport car” ever!

Those recent auto-show posts got me reminiscing with friend Sally Lynch about a far different class of vehicles − the often-battered “airport cars,” pilots enjoy as free loaners.

Our own “best” airport car was in Baudette, Minnesota, on a “long journey North,” Jean and I made in the Flying Carpet one 4th of July weekend, from Arizona all the way to the Canadian border to attend a funeral. Read Greg’s past column, “Goodbye, Don,” here. I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

Photo: The Baudette, Minnesota, airport car. See (newly added) photos of our best-ever airport car here.

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2 Responses to “our best “airport car” ever!”

  1. Love the photo – have taken many side-trips in one of those “courtesy cars,” which are a great benefit as we fly to distant airports. Almost every one of them is a retired law enforcement vehicle. And some of them are in pretty poor condition, but we always enjoy seeing the various cars. I’ll have to send a couple of our photos!

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