Greg’s February column, “Navajo Pilot,” and additional photos

Click here to read Greg’s Flying Carpet column, “Navajo Pilot,” and click here to see additional photos.  

This is the story of young Navajo pilot Tyler Allen, and of our associated travels to see the terrific Diné Photographers Exhibit at the Navajo Nation Museum, in Window Rock, Arizona. The museum is only a short walk from Window Rock Airport and there’s a restaurant next door, so you Southwest-area pilots should definitely check it out.

(This column first appeared in AOPA Flight Training magazine.)

  ©2009 Gregory N. Brown

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11 thoughts on “Greg’s February column, “Navajo Pilot,” and additional photos

  1. Great story, Greg! Tyler is an amazing kid, and I have no doubts from the phone conversations we’ve had, that he is definitely going places in aviation. Keep that flying dream alive.

    1. Thanks, Ben!
      We actually took Tyler flying again this past weekend, along with another young pilot friend I wrote about last year, Zack Morris. Both are extremely motivated — it’s inspiring to be with them! Had lunch with Adriel and Holly in Gallup, while there. I’m hoping you’ll be able to fly with Tyler occasionally too!

  2. I tried to fly a 152 back in the days bought an airplane and flew 21 hours, I never did solo,dang Navajo got scared!

  3. Hi Greg, it very nice you can fly. I cross ma fingers. i had worked some time in aircraft manufacturer here in Czech Republic. We manufactured little airplanes and I was a short time in sales department.
    I am cheering for you
    Have a nice time.
    Tony Bocek

    1. Thanks for writing, Tony. What aircraft manufacturer did you work for? (Jean and I used to fly a Blanik L-13 glider.) I hope you will have the opportunity to get back into aviation! Greg

      1. Thank you, Greg, for the answer.
        As for Blanik L-13 it is very good sailplane and it was manufactured in company LET Kunovice.
        I worked in neighbouring company Aerotechnik, which produced motor-glider similar the Blanik. Now this company is joined with constructional company Evektor and they do not produce this motor-glider no more. You can see its website .
        Later I worked in Moravan Airplanes, Otrokovice. This company manufactured little aircrafts – 2-seat airplane L-242 for light acrobatics and 4-seat airplane L-142 and L-143 for standard traffic. At this time this company is in bankruptcy and I think they are not able to make any planes.
        You know I did never fly in those planes, even when I put for sale them. I do not plan to go back into aviation, because in one or two years I plan to go on pension.
        By the way I have longtime friend Navaho. We were corresponding 25 years, since we could meet in 1992 in Prague. Later I was in USA and I spend with him in your wonderful country a few days. Maybe sometime I will come to your country again. Who knows.
        Well, Greg, have a nice time and more good flights.
        With best regards
        Tony Bocek

        1. You have quite a background, Tony! What an interesting connection to meet you through a Native American connection. Thank you for the kind words about our country. Perhaps we will get the opportunity to meet when you next visit your friend at Lukachukai.

  4. Sorry, Greg. Here is time lag, 8 hours, so I thought that my first message did not come up to you.
    Sorry, my fault.
    Good evening, here is almost 1:00 AM.

    1. No problem, Tony. I removed the extra comment. (It sometimes takes a day or two before comments post.)

      Do you live in Prague? We have Czech friends in Phoenix who spend part of the year there, plus my accountant’s son lived there for several years. I understand it is a vibrant and beautiful city.

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