“Only 2-3 more feet of snow…”

“Only 2-3 feet more snow to go!” The snow started here in Flagstaff last Monday, and has not stopped for an instant as of today (Friday) except for changing to rain for a couple hours yesterday. It is forecast to finally end late tomorrow afternoon (Saturday.) At left, the only light plane currently flying in Flagstaff. Click here to see more photos.

Postscript: At 53.8″ of snow (equivalent to 5.27″ of rain), they’re calling this the third biggest winter storm ever recorded here, based on snowfall. See the official stats here.  ©2010 Gregory N. Brown

One thought on ““Only 2-3 more feet of snow…”

  1. Its probably a good thing we didn’t try and go through Flagstaff on our way from Las Vegas to Minnesota. You may have ended up with company for a few days. My Momma always said that company and fish start to stink after 3 days (I don’t agree of course-We love drop-in visitors) We managed to make it all the way with the Corvette back home and threw in a day of snowmobiling besides in the Snowy Mountains. Its great to be back home again. Was that Jean with the snowblower? If it was her we may have more in comman. I bought myself a snowblower about 10 years ago because I was tired of shoveling. Now my boys and Dean would love to use it but I tell them hands off because they couldn’t resist the temptation to modify it for more power…

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