Scrivener: valuable writers’ tool

I long ago switched to a terrific and affordable writing program called Scrivener, that hugely eases the challenges of collecting and organizing book scenes, notes, and ideas, and moving them around my manuscripts.

Think of it as a cork board where you can organize and search all your text clips and ideas at will – and then compile them into a Word (or other word-processing) document when you are done.

Ever since downloading the free trial 10 years ago, I have been blown away by how effective, intuitive, and productive it is. I immediately purchased it, imported all of my book projects and have been having a blast making them happen many times faster than what I could do before.

Check out Scrivener if you are a new or seasoned fellow writer. Highly recommended! (Available for Mac, PC, and iPad.)

©2009, 2018 Gregory N. Brown

2 Responses to “Scrivener: valuable writers’ tool”

  1. It even helps to find the real story in a jumble of information. BTW, Scrivner is available for Windows and iPads now.

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