PhotoMechanic: valuable photographer’s tool

bacchus-w-paperplane-blmirrorcrSome time ago my National Geographic-photographer buddy Adriel Heisey heard me venting frustrations about sorting large numbers of digital photos associated with various projects and travels. When he learned it was taking me hours and hours to sort and select photos, Adriel recommended I try some pro photography software called PhotoMechanic by CameraBits.

PhotoMechanic turns out to be one of those tools where you wonder how you ever got along without it. Just toss a folder full of image files onto a PhotoMechanic “contact sheet,” and the images instantly appear. From there you can efficiently view, compare, organize, resize and rename to your heart’s content, allowing you to quickly select your final photos before proceeding to your image editing program.

I can’t express how much time Photo Mechanic has saved me — just wish I had discovered it earlier! The easy-to-use program also boasts a sophisticated metadata interface for those who need to embed (and search by) titles, credits, captions, etc. in their files. If you struggle with large numbers of (slow-opening) photo files like I do, try PhotoMechanic‘s 30-day free trial. I’m guessing that like me, you’ll find it among the best photo software investments you’ve made. ©2009, 2021 Gregory N. Brown

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