“Vertigo! Some Lessons a Pilot Never Forgets…” Greg Brown’s Flying Carpet Podcast #25

Ride along with renowned aviator, writer, and photographer Greg Brown in his light airplane, the Flying Carpet, as he searches behind clouds for the real America, experiencing countless aerial adventures along the way.

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Some Lessons a Pilot Never Forgets…

“So this must be Vertigo,” I thought. Nausea circled my gut like the snowflakes orbiting my propeller. I peered out the windshield for landmarks, but snow obscured all but a tiny spot of ground beneath me, even at an altitude of only a thousand feet.

To make matters worse, my VOR navigational receiver had obviously failed. How could I possibly have drifted so far off course as it suggested, on a flight of only 40 miles.

It was almost Christmas, and I was a young University of Illinois student transporting precious parts for my motorcycle home to Champaign…


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