“Geiko [Geisha] & Escort,” Greg’s featured Fine Art Photo Metal Print!

Hey Friends, check out “Geiko & Escort,” one of my personal-favorite Down to Earth Fine Art Metal Prints, photographed in Kyoto’s renowned Gion District, Japan.

Note this lady’s amazing details of makeup, dress and hair! I didn’t learn until afterward how fortunate I was to capture this photo.

Geikos/Geishas are paid entertainers so they rarely allow random portraits shot on the street. As a result, most casual shots capture them awkwardly from side or rear.

In this case I saw the couple coming, raised my camera to my waist and asked if I might take a photo. The Geiko smiled and nodded yes. Hence a treasured shot that hangs proudly on my own kitchen wall…

Incidentally, I learned from our guide at the time that white makeup and stylized eye- and mouth treatments originated to highlight geishas’ facial expressions when performing back in the age of candlelight.

Like all my Fine Art Metal Prints, “Geiko & Escort,” ready-to-hang pricing starts at just $135, with super-affordable shipping throughout the Continental US right up to the largest sizes.

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Many thanks to all who invest in my prints, books, and pilot achievement plaques!


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