Greg talks “Flight Instructor Professionalism” with Rod Machado, David St. George, and Russ Still

fc-cover-photo-smMany thanks to Russell Still of Gold Seal Ground School, David St. George, Chairman of SAFE (The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators), and renowned aviation author and entertainer Rod Machado for the great experience doing our recent live-stream webinar, “CFI Professionalism: Making the Most of Your Career.”

Check out the archived presentation video for valuable tips on how to succeed as a CFI!

For more guidance on this topic, see the latest edition of my book, The Savvy Flight Instructor Second Edition, available in both print and ebook.


6 Responses to “Greg talks “Flight Instructor Professionalism” with Rod Machado, David St. George, and Russ Still”

  1. Doug Hart Says:

    Fantastic video Greg!! As a potential CFI candidate about to start next week, the timing could not have been better!

    Thanks to all you do to educate fellow aviators!

    • Thank you, Doug. Glad you found it valuable! Where do you plan to instruct?

      • Doug Hart Says:

        Right now I’m winding down my FAA career as Manager of DVT Tower. I fly out of P19 in a flying club currently. I will look for a part time job currently. Anywhere in the valley is fine.

        If you ever get down to DVT, please look me up!

        • Well we certainly must know each other’s voices on the radio! You will have your choice of positions once earning your CFI. And what terrific contributions you will make given your background! I look forward to meeting you next time I’m down your way.

        • Hey Doug are you on Facebook? If so please come join my “Student Pilot Pep Talk” group!

        • Doug Hart Says:

          Hi Greg! I am on Facebook and I will certainly join the group. Thanks for the invite!

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