Announcing “The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual Third Edition”

TURB-PLT3_HiResI’m pleased to announce the new 3rd Edition of my book The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual, coauthored with my good buddy Mark Holt.

When the first edition of this book came out in 1995, it was the first publication to cover all the essentials of turbine aircraft in one book. It remains very popular to this day; I’m guessing that by now the vast majority of aspiring, personal, and professional corporate and airline pilots have copies on their bookshelves.

Along with updated contents reflecting the latest in turbine aircraft and cockpit technology, this edition for the first time includes selected color illustrations, and is newly available in ebook formats as well as print. The previously-included Aircraft Systems CD-ROM has been replaced with an included online resource page containing the same animations.

Finally, I hold a good deal of personal fondness for this book because it started me on my writing career, and has thus led to innumerable wonderful professional opportunities.

Many thanks to my coauthor Mark, and to the fine folks at our publisher ASA. Thanks especially to you readers for your lasting support and patronage of my books over all these years!


©2012 Gregory N. Brown

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