“Crimson Veil,” Greg’s latest Fine Art Photographic Print

“Crimson Veil” was photographed on a remarkable flight between Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona. (My most popular print, “Sunset Rains,” was also photographed on that trip.) Read about it in my Flying Carpet column, “Enchanted Journey,” first published in AOPA Flight Training magazine, November, 2011.

“Crimson Veil” is debuting in Limited Edition sizes of 27″x40″ and “24”x36″, and Open Editions of 16″x24″ and 10″x14″. Prices range from $175 for an unmounted 10″x14″ print, to $1500 for a museum-mounted 27″x40″, with numerous options in between. Click here for detailed pricing and ordering information.

Like all my Views from the Flying Carpet, this photograph was collaboratively tuned for print with Master Photographic Printer Richard Jackson, who prints for the world’s finest photographers. Each individual print is meticulously crafted, matted and/or framed, and packaged for shipping under Mr. Jackson’s supervision.

Click here to learn more about my Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Photographic Print series, including available images, my collaborator Master Printer Richard Jackson, and our process for creating these marvelous prints. You can also subscribe there for email updates.

I hope you find this aerial image as exciting as I do. Few besides pilots get to enjoy views like these!


©2012 Gregory N. Brown

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