“Soaring to Summer Camp,” Greg’s August column

Tyler Allen beamed as we cleared the ridge west of Window Rock Airport.

Behind us in the Flying Carpet’s baggage compartment, the high-school junior’s viola, bedding, and duffel bag promised musical adventure.

For after months of scholarship applications and paperwork, Tyler was en route to Northern Arizona University’s Curry Summer Music Camp. I transferred the controls to my young friend, who leveled us at 8,500 feet and steered over the Navajo Nation toward Flagstaff.

“Greg, do you know when to test the ELT?” Tyler asked, pointing to the emergency locator transmitter switch on the Flying Carpet’s instrument panel. Before I could answer, he cited the regulations on how often to check it, and at what time during the hour. “I’ve been studying for my pilot written test,” he boasted. We talked of the training process, and of the airplane he plans to own one day…

Read the entire story in Greg’s August Flying Carpet column, “Soaring to Summer Camp.” (First appeared in AOPA Flight Training magazine, 8/12 issue.)

Top photo: Tyler Allen at Embry-Riddle Flight Exploration Camp, Prescott, Arizona. (Courtesy Embry-Riddle Flight Exploration Camp.)  At right: Tyler performs with the NAU Curry Summer Music Camp senior orchestra. See more photos here.

©2012 Gregory N.Brown

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