“Girls’ Morning Out,” Greg’s March column & photos

“Four-whiskey-alpha – is that you?”

“Hey Greg, are you free tomorrow for ‘guys’ morning out?’”

It was my former neighbor, Gary Wyant, from when Jean and I lived near Phoenix.

Once or twice a year, Gary cruises his motorcycle an hour northeast through the Mazatzal Mountains from Fountain Hills, and I soar 35 minutes southeast over the Mogollon Plateau from Flagstaff to rendezvous at Payson Airport’s Crosswinds Restaurant.

Often I invite friends along; this time it was my retired Flagstaff neighbors, Suzanne Golub and Sue Weber. Suzanne is a student pilot, and Sue has long requested a ride. So early the next morning, we three winged our way toward Payson.

“Is there anything you’d like to practice on this trip?” I asked Suzanne after takeoff.

“Frankly, the radio is my nemesis. Every time I push the mic button I get stage fright. In fact one day I was suffering and suffering on the radio while circling the traffic pattern. I babbled something on the radio, and the tower came back and said, ‘Four-whiskey-alpha – is that you?’” We laughed at her rendition of the controller’s quizzical inflection, and agreed that she’d handle communications this trip.

“What got you interested in piloting, Suzanne?” asked Sue.

“Actually Sue, I’ve had a great desire to fly for as long as I can remember. There’s not an airplane or helicopter that flies overhead that I don’t stop to watch, and wish I was going along, wherever they are going.

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Photo: Suzanne’s first solo, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, Arizona. See additional photos, here.

©2011 Gregory N. Brown

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4 thoughts on ““Girls’ Morning Out,” Greg’s March column & photos

  1. Congrats, Suzanne!

    I always get a kick out of hearing when another of Fred’s students has solo’d.

    And radio work makes fools of us all. On last Friday’s x-country with Fred I started out by calling “tower” for taxi instructions instead of “ground”. Than, later, I couldn’t stop calling Show Low traffic “Payson traffic”. D’OHHHH!! Good thing Fred doesn’t keep a wet noodle in his pocket; he would’ve beaten me half to death with it.

    Flying keeps me humble.

    Great story, Greg. I anxiously await each month’s FT magazine for that reason.


  2. Well . . . if the weather cooperates, I’m projecting Saint Patty’s Day?

    Gotta do 3 solo x-countries, 8 night landings, and some dual prep with Fred for the Practical. I also have to take the Knowledge Test (for which I have been quite negligent in studying).

    I’m pretty pumped again to make this happen. The x-countries really put the “why I’m doing this” into perspective.

    Oh, and somebody snatched that C-182 I was drooling over. Haven’t found another one that tickles my fancy yet. I have stopped debating over other aircraft and have decided that the C-182 is THE ONE.

    Blue Ones to all!

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