Flying Carpet book photos

I have just posted many additional color photos illustrating stories from my book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane.

See Flying Carpet book photos at my Facebook page. (You needn’t be a Facebook member to view the photos.) I will continue adding more in the future. Hope you enjoy them!

Photo: Prairie sunset near Eagle Butte, South Dakota, from “Coyote Hunting: Small Adventures Under a Big Sky.” Said my companion Larry’s Uncle Charles when he saw us photographing the incredible sight, “No need to burn up all that film, fellas. Same sunset we get here every night.”

©2010, 2020 Gregory N. Brown

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4 thoughts on “Flying Carpet book photos

  1. Great photos! But I have several questions. 1. Which one of the “hippies” in the Marsh Harbor (the Abacos is still my favorite sailboat destination) photo is you? 2. Did your father fly all the the way to Europe wearing the “Mad Men” coat and tie?

    1. Thank you, Rick! 1. I am the guy at far right wearing a pen in my T-shirt. 2. My dad’s idea of extreme lounge-around-the-house casual was to take the tie off. My guess is that if he wasn’t actually wearing his sport coat while flying across the Atlantic, it was neatly folded and ready for action nearby. (I believe this particular photo was taken after they returned, to go with articles about the trip. A two-part series ran in “Air Facts” magazine published by Richard Collins’s father, Leighton.) Did I ever mention to you that both my folks were GPs?

  2. Really enjoyed the pictures,especially the scenery shots
    Here at Fort MacMurray AB all we see is forest


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Willie! Just looked up Ft. McMurray on the map, and see that you’re way up north. Workin’ on the tar-sands project?

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