45 minutes of joy…

Just a quick morning circuit around the San Francisco Peaks before work, a landing at Sedona Airport without even shutting down, and look what I found…

Photo: Yes, those are gigantic fields of flowers carpeting the flanks of O’Leary Peak! See more photos from this morning’s 45 minutes of joy, here.

©2010 Gregory N. Brown

9 Responses to “45 minutes of joy…”

  1. john edwards Says:

    Greg, beautiful photo. Can’t believe so many Aspen have turned. John

  2. john edwards Says:

    Sorry, photos and maybe not Aspen but golden rod? Please advise. John

    • Hi John! I think they’re flowers rather than aspen based on where they appear, plus it indeed seems a little early for them as the weather is just beginning to cool. Haven’t been to any of the pictured sites on the ground yet, but based on the incredible displays near our house I’m guessing that at least some of them are sunflowers. (Poppies often display like that from the air too, but it seems late in the season for them.) Keep in mind though, that you’re much more knowledgeable about plants than I am!

  3. Nan Sawyer Says:

    Fabulous pics Greg!!!!

  4. Linda Anderson Says:

    Don’t you just love seeing such beauty from the air? I’ve started making a photo journal of our pictures! You are sure right with your title – “45 minutes of joy…”

  5. Love the photos. Truly 45 minutes of joy! I love the shot of the mine. A local granite quarry was one of my favorite shots from flying. I never knew it was there until I started flying.

  6. Tim Thomas Says:

    Reminds me of a trip from last winter, Greg!

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