Featured past column: “Old Pals and N-Numbers”

My cowboy buddy Baldy Ivy phoned the other day to ask if I’d ever seen the 1932 book Flying Carpet, by Richard Halliburton.Those who have read my own book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane may remember that in fact Halliburton’s Stearman inspired the naming of our own steed. I thought you (and Baldy) might enjoy reading my past column, “Old Pals and N-Numbers,” that touches not only on Halliburton’s Stearman, but on the bonds pilots develop with the planes they fly — and the unique “N-number” monikers painted on their sides.

Photo: Cessna 12502 at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, 1976.

For more about Richard Halliburton and his “original” Flying Carpet, see “Richard Halliburton and Moye Stephens: Traveling Around the World in the ‘Flying Carpet’” and “Moye Stephens: Aviation Pioneer and Adventurer” at Aviation History magazine.

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