Featured past column: “Old Pals and N-Numbers”

My cowboy buddy Baldy Ivy phoned the other day to ask if I’d ever seen the 1932 book Flying Carpet, by Richard Halliburton.

Those who have read my own book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane may remember that in fact Halliburton’s Stearman inspired the naming of our own steed.

I thought you (and Baldy) might enjoy reading my past column, “Old Pals and N-Numbers,” that touches not only on Halliburton’s Stearman, but on the bonds pilots develop with the planes they fly — and the unique “N-number” monikers painted on their sides.

Photo: Cessna 12502 at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, 1976.

This column originally appeared in AOPA Flight Training magazine.

For more about Richard Halliburton and his “original” Flying Carpet, see “Richard Halliburton and Moye Stephens: Traveling Around the World in the ‘Flying Carpet’” and “Moye Stephens: Aviation Pioneer and Adventurer” at Aviation History magazine.

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