Greg’s November column, “Far from Home,” & additional photos

CloudsMountainsNearCharlottesvilleVA_1842e+++SmWRead my Flying Carpet column, “Far From Home,” appearing in the November, 2009 issue of  AOPA Flight Training magazine, and see additional photos here. This installment covers the second portion of our recent 2-week cross-the-country flying adventure, covering routes from Illinois to Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. (New photos have been added to those previously posted.) Above: Farm fields near Charlottesville, Virginia. ©2009 Gregory N. Brown

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  1. Greg — I like the html format and the additional links you provide! I have enjoyed reading the first two installments of your cross-country adventure and look forward with keen interest to the next two.

    I got a laugh reading about George in “Bit of an Expert.” I’ve known a few guys like that, too 🙂

    Thank you so much for the monthly inspiration!


    • paperjet Says:

      Thanks, Roger! It’s good to “hear your voice.” Do you know Jan & Bernie Stanich, who figured in “Bit of an Expert?” They lived in Lafayette before moving to Indianapolis. Hope all is well with you! Greg

  2. […] across the country. See these stories and photos for our answer: Part 1 from Arizona to Illinois; Part 2 from Illinois to South Carolina via Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Part 3 returning across […]

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