Greg’s October “Cross-the-country” column & photos

ThunderstormMtTaylorNM_1398-99compCrESmWSee additional photos from Greg’s October, 2009 Flying Carpet column, “Cross-the-Country,” appearing in AOPA Flight Training magazine, about the first leg of our cross-the-country journey from Flagstaff, Arizona to Aurora, Illinois. Read the column here.

Above: A solitary thunderstorm clobbers Mt. Taylor west of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  ©2009 Gregory N. Brown

8 Responses to “Greg’s October “Cross-the-country” column & photos”

  1. Angus Watson Says:

    Loved the article in AOPA Training. As a flat lander based at 06C just west of ORD I can’t wait to do your trip in reverse. I am finishing up my instrument training and have done the ILS and RNAV approaches at ARR many times in the last 12 months!

    Here are pictures of some of our recent trips

    Hoping to get out to New England and Maryland this fall in a couple of weeks.

    • Thank you, Angus for your kind words about my column, and congrats on making such good use of your piloting skills. I loved your photos! Let me know when you knock off your instrument rating. And when you do that “reverse trip” to Arizona, drop me a line and we’ll meet for lunch. Again, thanks for writing!

  2. Great photos Greg. Love that cloud formation over the barren landscape

  3. Pretty awesome photo of the T-storm coming in. No clouds in front of it really separates the picture nice.

  4. […] to fly a small plane all the way across the country. See these stories and photos for our answer: Part 1 from Arizona to Illinois; Part 2 from Illinois to South Carolina via Indiana, Pennsylvania, and […]

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