“Three Mountains, from over Sedona, Arizona,” Greg’s latest “View from the Flying Carpet” Fine Art Photography Metal Print

It was just to be a “routine” flight home from the Phoenix area, after dropping my wife to visit her mother for a few days.

But “routine,” in the Flying Carpet or any other airplane, has little to do with what you might see out the windshield.

Dense clouds shaded much of Arizona’s Verde Valley as I proceeded northward toward Flagstaff, but as I approached red-rock country near Sedona the clouds parted, flooding rich sunlight over the area’s famed crimson buttes and cliffs.

The icing on that golden cake proved to be the backdrop—distant snow-and-cloud capped mountains visible ahead on the Coconino Plateau.

The contrast of golden red-rock foreground against cool wintry background proved to be one of the most striking visual experiences of my hundreds of flights over this legendary landscape.

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