New! Greg’s Photo Art Note Cards

Greg’s “Flying Carpet” Aerial Art Note Cards

Friends have long asked me to offer some of my most popular photographic images on high-quality “Art Note Cards” of the sort often found in art galleries, for use in personal communications with friends and clients.

It has taken me quite some time to research the highest quality cards, the most appropriate card stock, and to cull and select images. Well here, finally, are my first series offerings.

My “Flying Carpet” Art Note Cards series features some of my most popular “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial photographs, while my Kachina Wetlands Art Note Cards showcase dramatic mountains-and-sunflowers landscapes.

Greg’s Kachina Wetlands “Mountains and Meadows” Art Note Cards.

These oversize 5″ x 7″ photo art greeting cards are press-printed on premium textured art watercolor stock, and come in multiples of four cards per image, including envelopes. (Various value packs offer up to five images on twenty cards.) Inner panels are blank for inscribing your own personal messages, and of course envelopes are included.

Learn more and purchase your own Art Note Cards here. Pending initial response, I plan to offer more aerial and terrestrial series in the future, and welcome your feedback on what those should be.

Thanks to all who encouraged me to imprint my images on art note cards, and for your patience in waiting for me to complete this first round. I predict you’ll be pleased with the outcome!


2 thoughts on “New! Greg’s Photo Art Note Cards

  1. Your art cards are GORGEOUS! I just received my order and was thrilled with both the beautiful photo and the quality of the printing. They even made my handwriting look nice! Quite a feat. Now, I just need to decide who will be “note-worthy” of receiving these special cards – haha!

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