Greg’s latest “Down to Earth” Fine Art Photography Metal Print

Mountain Sunflowers!

Here’s my latest “Down to Earth” terrestrial Fine Art Metal Print, “Mountain Sunflowers,” photographed at Kachina Wetlands south of Flagstaff, Arizona.


This summer has been one of the best in memory for wild sunflowers blooming in the meadows and mountains of Northern Arizona. Just the other day I captured this image of the San Francisco Peaks framed by sunflowers at Kachina Wetlands.

See all my latest “Down to Earth” terrestrial and “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial photography Fine Art Metal Prints.

c2014GregBrown_SphinxMothWithThistles_4312-bb12x12Smw1200In other photography news, I’m pleased to have just donated two other terrestrial Fine Art Metal Prints prints to the Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) for their upcoming Summit and fundraiser at Quinta Mazatlan Birding Center in McAllen, Texas:

c2015GregBrown_Sunflowers_1983-8bitSmw1200“Sphinx Moth with Thistles,” (right) for their silent auction, and yes, more “Sunflowers!” (left) for their live auction. Coincidentally both of these were shot in previous years at Kachina Wetlands. Best of success to ANCA at their fundraiser!

Many thanks to all who have invested in my photography to date, including Fine Art Metal Prints, Photographic Wall Calendars, and Pilot Achievement Plaques.


2 Responses to “Greg’s latest “Down to Earth” Fine Art Photography Metal Print”

  1. Marva Petty Says:

    Greg, This is beautiful!


    Sent by magic from wherever I may be


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