“Clouds Kiss the Earth,” Greg’s Aerial Fine Art Photographic Print


In this month’s View from the Flying Carpet“Clouds Kiss the Ground,” a wall of vapor blocks our route near Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

It’s no surprise that clouds are a constant weather factor for airplane pilots. But it’s rare to encounter a vertical wall of clouds extending from flight altitudes directly to the groundShortly before, Jean and I had scooted our Flying Carpet under low ceilings through New Mexico’s Glorieta Pass.
We emerged into blue skies for a few minutes, only to discover this barrier blocking our route. It was a powerful sight — and a good day to be instrument rated! (Read the story of that flight in my January, 2010 Flying Carpet column, Homeward Bound.”)

“Clouds Kiss the Ground,” debuts in Limited Edition  27″x40″ and 24″x36″ prints, and Open Editions of 16″x24″ and 10″x14″. Print prices start at $175. See detailed pricing and ordering information.

Like all my Views from the Flying Carpet, this photograph was collaboratively tuned for print with Master Photographic Printer Richard Jackson, who prints for the world’s finest photographers. Each individual print is meticulously crafted, mounted as appropriate, and packaged for shipping under Mr. Jackson’s supervision.

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Hope you enjoy this month’s view from my cockpit!


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