kids climb George Washington…


Kids climb George Washington’s statue, on the steps of the South Carolina Capitol.

Another from my occasional series of “Well, I’ll Be!” terrestrial photos, posted for the twofold purpose of brightening your day, and further deferring my already-long-postponed tax-prep chores.

(From the journey described in my November, 2009 Flying Carpet column, “Far from Home.”)

©2013 Gregory N. Brown

2 thoughts on “kids climb George Washington…

  1. Love it!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    In hearing from you, I am realizing I never heard back from your friend in Montana. No worries, of course, but hopefully she feels welcome to reach out in reply whenever she feels the need.

    Also: how long is your exhibit on display? Emma is on spring break the last week of this month — can we come up then? Maybe Monday morning the 25th? h.

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