“Death Valley Sand Dunes,” and “Death Valley Salt Flats,” Greg’s latest Fine Art Prints

This month’s Views from the Flying Carpet images were photographed over Death Valley, California.

Death Valley is the most other-worldly place Jean and I have ever encountered, both on the ground and from aloft. Swirling “salt devils” arise from bone-white salt flats to pierce a cobalt sky, contrasting against shockingly vibrant mineral deposits tinting the surrounding cliffs and mountains with unnatural color.

These photographs were taken as we flew southward through Death Valley prior to turning homeward for Arizona. To comprehend the scale of “Death Valley Sand Dunes,” (above) note the encampment at left of photo.

“Death Valley Salt Flats” (right) captures the exceeding rare flow of water through the parched valley floor.

Read my Flying Carpet column, “Birthday Flowers,” describing this particular trip, which we made on short notice to celebrate Jean’s birthday, only to find ourselves immersed in the area’s biggest water and wildflower event in 100 years. (This column first appeared in AOPA Flight Training magazine, June, 2005.)

“Death Valley Sand Dunes,” and “Death Valley Salt Flats,” are debuting in Limited Edition sizes of 27″x40″ and “24”x36″, and Open Editions of 16″x24″ and 10″x14″. Prices range from $175 for an unmounted 10″x14″ print, to $1500 for a museum-mounted 27″x40″, with numerous options in between.

Like all my Views from the Flying Carpet, these photographs were collaboratively tuned for print with Master Printer Richard Jackson, who prints for the world’s finest photographers. All are meticulously crafted, matted and/or framed, and packaged for shipping under Mr. Jackson’s supervision. Click each image for pricing and ordering information.

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I hope you’ll find these images as intriguing as I do!


©2012 Gregory N. Brown

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