Introducing “Sunset Over Window Rock,” Greg’s latest Fine Art Photographic Print

Check out my latest fine art print, “Sunset Over Window Rock,” which was photographed at the capital of the Navajo Nation, Arizona. And read the story behind it in Greg’s February, 2011 Flying Carpet column, “Sunset Over Window Rock.”

Like each of my Views from the Flying Carpet, this photograph was collaboratively tuned for print with Master Printer Richard Jackson, who prints for the world’s finest photographers. (The day I met Richard, he was printing Steve McCurry’s iconic “Afghan Girl,” who 25+ years after gracing National Geographic’s cover remains among the world’s most-recognized photographs.)

“Sunset Over Window Rock” is debuting in two sizes, 16×24 and 10×14, both open editions. Prices range from $175 for the unmounted 10×14 print, to $545 for the 16×24 print archivally matted and framed, with numerous options in between. All are meticulously crafted, matted and/or framed, and packaged for shipping under Mr. Jackson’s supervision. Click here for “Sunset Over Window Rock” pricing and ordering information.

I thought you might also enjoy learning how these superb prints are created, including photos taken at last week’s refinement session. Click here for more about my Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Photographic Print series, including available images, my collaborator Master Printer Richard Jackson, and the process we use to create these marvelous prints. You can also sign up there for email updates.

As usual, these prints are “good enough to eat,” thanks to Mr. Jackson and his terrific team. I hope you’ll consider adding one to your collection!


Photos: Above left, Greg’s “Sunset Over Window Rock,” Fine Art Photographic Print. Above right: Greg examines proof prints emerging from the printer.

©2011 Gregory N. Brown

2 thoughts on “Introducing “Sunset Over Window Rock,” Greg’s latest Fine Art Photographic Print

  1. Amazing Photos Greg, always loved reading your articles. The printing process is very intriguing, I’m hoping maybe one day I will be the lucky owner of one of those prints, maybe hanging in our office to enjoy when WE aren’t out enjoying our own flying carpet. Thanks again Greg for the love that you exude for the joy of flight! It helps bring more pilots to this lovely world every day!

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