art meets life

Photo: Art Meets Life: Marilyn in Vancouver.

©2010 Gregory N. Brown

3 thoughts on “art meets life

  1. Greg,
    I must be really obtuse . . . I don’t get it. What am I supposed to be seeing here?


    1. Hi Bruce, If anyone’s obtuse, it’s me. Nobody ever knows where the heck I’m coming from! I just found it totally bizarre to step out on our hotel room balcony and discover that gigantic Marilyn Monroe staring at me from the otherwise unremarkable cityscape. Hey, I appreciated your call regarding your new noise-canceling headset. I realize it was a significant investment, so hearing how pleased you are with the improvement really made my day. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for the clarification, Greg. “I see it now”, said the blind man.

        D-C headset works great–as long as I’m in a plane with a working audio (N number omitted to protect the guilty). My hearing is getting better, too. The tinnitus is abating.

        Lately, I’m getting a real taste of just how fun small planes can be for exploring this incredible state (AZ). Coooooool!!!

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