Tribute to the end of a film roll…

I’ve recently gotten on a scanning kick to import some of my favorite old film photos. I moved all my old slides and negs to archival sleeves, and began sorting them.

Lessons learned? Almost all my great photos resulted from using up the end of a roll of film.

You old-timers will appreciate this — I’d get home from some vacation trip or special event, and in my eagerness to get the film developed and see the results, would snap off the remaining frames of family, friends, and yes, even our cats.

All these years later, who cares about the vacation photos? It’s the end-of-the-roll stuff that’s special. To think, what we might miss in today’s digital age!

Photo: That’s our family cat, Zha Zha, in 1969 (#17 on a roll of 20.)

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