Music to our Ears

Jean and I have long savored Viennese coffee and breakfast couscous at Flagstaff’s Macy’s European Coffeehouse, Bakery, and Vegetarian Restaurant, but our relationship with the place goes far deeper than that.

Before moving to Flagstaff we often flew from Phoenix to hear our son Hannis and friends play jazz at Macy’s. Now a professional musician and composer, Hannis was a fixture there three Friday nights a month while an NAU student and afterwards. During that period countless friends and relatives were treated to aerial sunset journeys to hear Hannis play Macy’s, and afterwards, to magical night flights home. (Read one of my personal-favorite columns about such an evening, “Music to Our Ears.” An expanded version appears in my book, Flying Carpet.)

Well, this week Macy’s was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, in honor of its 30th anniversary. (Hear the NPR story.) When it opened, Macy’s was the only coffeehouse in Arizona that roasted its own coffee beans. More importantly, Macy’s has touched many lives in addition to ours within and beyond this small community. Congratulations to owner Tim Macy and all the fine folks at Macy’s Coffeehouse. We look forward to enjoying your next 30 years of hospitality!

Photo: Hannis and friends play Macy’s in 2000. ©2010 Gregory N. Brown

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