January “Lazy Day” Winslow Lindbergh Airport Flying Carpet column & photos

I’ve just posted additional photos from my January, 2009 Flying Carpet column, “Lazy Day,” of the historic hangar and terminal building at Lindbergh Airport, Winslow, Arizona.

The airport was originally sited and laid out by Charles Lindbergh himself following his transAtlantic flight. He later piloted the first eastbound leg of the first transcontinental plane/train route to Winslow from Los Angeles in 1929.

SEE THE PHOTOS. ©2009, 2022 Gregory N. Brown

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3 thoughts on “January “Lazy Day” Winslow Lindbergh Airport Flying Carpet column & photos

  1. I really like this photo, Greg! Very creative use of the aircraft for composition and framing the subject (the historic terminal in this case).

  2. Thanks, Dan! The terminal is so low and horizontal that I struggled for a way to compose it into an interesting photo. (You can see that problem in some of the other gallery photos.) You’ve made my day by noticing my efforts!

  3. Hi Greg! It’s been a long time! Great Winslow photos. I worked out of that hangar just about 20 years ago flying for Monument Valley Air Service, a medical transport company serving the Navajo, Hopi and Apache reservations. The terminal looks great! Also, part of the airports history is when a “flying wing” had to set down there due to a loss of oil pressure in multiple engines. This occurred in the 50’s. The hangar was there at that time but I don’t know when it was built.

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