“Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane”

by Greg Brown, Foreword by Stephen Coonts

Journey life’s skies with Greg Brown as he matures from fledgling to seasoned aviator, encountering aerial adventure and colorful characters along the way. Sweat with him through harrowing flights, learn by his triumphs and mistakes, and join his young family growing up aloft.

This book goes beyond the physical act of flying — it’s about conquering the nagging fears that consume every new pilot when mastering this most revered and challenging of human endeavors.

Most of all, it’s about the joy and boundless freedom of being a pilot, pursuing like our aerial ancestors the inescapable lure of the map.

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Greg was named Barnes & Noble Arizona Author of the Month for this book when it was released.

“If Greg Brown can’t inspire you to join us in the sky, no one can.”
— Stephen Coonts, New York Times best-selling author

“the tale of a person who evolves to think with the mind of a pilot, question with the curiosity of a philosopher, and see with the eyes of a poet. I’m hooked!”
— Rod Machado, aviation writer, humorist, and official flight instructor for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator

“Quite marvelous — a journey of life and flying that contains some of the most fetching words yet penned about a father-son relationship…”
— Rich Karlgaard, Forbes

“You don’t have to be a pilot, or even a frequent flyer, to soar with Greg Brown in Flying Carpet.”
— Nina Bell Allen, Former Asst. Managing Editor, Readers Digest

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Hear a 10-minute audio excerpt, recorded by Dr. Philip Hewit of Seventh Victory. (All rights reserved.)

6 thoughts on ““Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane”

  1. “Flying Carpet” reminded me of my favourite chocolate sampler box. Each story having its own texture and shape, can only be enjoyed by slowly savouring how the author has crafted each word into uplifting vignettes of humanity. The book shows us that aviators are time travellers able to bring people closer together in hours and minutes, rather than days. Each chapter awakens us to the true beauty of an aeroplane; it has a soul that transcends the sum of its parts. The essence of this book is this: greatness in life is not in the achievement of records, celebrated by faded sepia tones and machines displayed, but lies in the ability of an aeroplane to nurture within everyone of us, the easy ability to enjoy and treasure the presence of others, through our shared love of flight.

  2. Dear Greg,

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU…

    I have just finished reading The Flying Carpet a few days ago. It took me a while since I read one story per day to savor it slowly.

    Thank you for making available to us pilots/readers some of your great flying experiences and moments. You have such a wonderful gift of conveying to your readers your passion for flying, aviation, adventure, discovery, travel, nature, history, teaching, photography, family, and friendship through the art of writing. You stories are very inspiring, educational, entertaining, and also open the appetite for exploring and discovering Arizona and other great locations …just like Halliburton. I can’t wait to see Arizona from my own “flying carpet” one day.

    Like many of your readers, I relate to your stories in different ways and for different reasons. For instance, when I read Alone in the Soup, I had just earned my Instrument rating and completing my first solo flight under IMC conditions only a few days later. That story touched me in a special way, like many others as well Greg.

    I want to take this opportunity to also congratulate you for your 40 years of flying, what an amazing journey!


    Sergio Schaar
    San Antonio, Texas

    1. Dear Sergio,

      Thank YOU for your very kind words about Flying Carpet! We’re mighty fortunate to have the adventure of piloting in our lives, eh? So many doors have been opened to us that few others will ever experience. The best part has been meeting so many kindred spirits like yourself. Thanks also for your congratulations on my 40 years aloft. May our paths cross in person one day soon!


  3. Absolutely love this book. Started flying almost twelve years ago and got your book then. Loved the stories and still do. Recently purchased my first aircraft, and can’t wait to live out some of my own adventures. Your book has been one of the biggest drivers behind my love for aviation, Greg, so thank you! It’s a shame you haven’t written more. I’d love to read more of your stories.

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