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  1. Like Phil, the bank still owns a good share of our airplane, but we were able to get affordable payments. We look at our plane as our motor home, our boat, our motorcycle, our antique car, or any other “toys” people have. It’s all in what matters to you, and flying matters to us! We budget in for those things that we know are needed (insurance, annual maintenance, fuel, etc.), things that keep us in the skies. The beauty of having our own airplane is that it’s always available whenever the skies are blue, the winds favorable, and the forecast is good! We were so fortunate to find our plane already hangared at our airport (3Y3). We are the third owners and the day the last owner signed the papers, he cried because she had been his wings for 27 years. But age and cancer crept upon that 85 year-old man who has since passed away. We are blessed to have known him. Here’s to Lloyd!

  2. Hey, Greg. For me (and my dear wife, who’s idea it was to buy an airplane even though she is afraid of flying in anything without a potty) our Lancair Legacy is a “barely affordable airplane”. It seems that the economy takes the joy out of flying. But, I’ve decided that with such a beautiful & speedy traveling machine I can’t ignore her and the three of us are going places this spring! Life, after all, is short

  3. I adore flying more than anyone I know. When I was young I was making $70,000 per year – 1988 – but I always heard that airplanes were SO expensive that I never thought about purchasing one. I got my ticket but then renting was a hassle and eventually, I gave up flying. After 20 years, I was laid off from my long term job and started a small business where I was outside most of the time. Being near an airport, airplanes were constantly flying above and about 3 months later I could not stand it any longer… I needed to get back into the air. Knowing much more than I did when I was young I realized a few things:
    1) Life is Short
    2) If you can afford your greatest passion it’s not wring to give into it
    3) Dont let others decide for you, or scare you out of something

    I knew that in order to keep flying I was going to have to purchase an airplane. This was, in order to keep the airplane in good shape I HAD to fly it. It was the excuse I needed.

    I purchased a Cessna 150. I figured the 150 is a good first airplane and I could always go up from there. It was extensively upgraded and almost everything in the engine compartment was new including cylinders, starter, mags, alternator, carb, firewall, engine mount and so on. The panel has a new vertical card, Garmin Nav/com, audio panel, Garmin 296, and most of the flight instruments, and upgraded to circuit breakers, new interior, glass and so on.

    I purchased the aircraft for $18,000. After owning and flying this lovely bird i realize that I should have done this when I was 20. I regret every year that went by without airplane ownership.

    I run mogas and it costs me $20 per hour in fuel. I can’t be happy enough and the freedom I have is worth every penny even if it cost me 3 times as much to fly…

    It may be only a 150, but I own my own airplane, and when I’m up there I feel just as happy as any pilot flying whatever they fly.

    I’m flying… Can’t say that about most folks…

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