“Superstition Mountains Mist”

Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Print series

Arizona’s haunting Superstition Mountains are home to many well-known legends, notably that of the Lost Dutchman Mine.

For those who care to seek it, the Lost Dutchman Mine is said to lie in the shadow of Weaver’s Needle, that distant pinnacle at left in the photo. If only Jacob Waltz, the miner who claimed to have discovered it, had mentioned the times of day and year that shadow was cast when revealing his deathbed secret…

“Superstition Mountains Mist” is one of Greg’s personal favorites in capturing the mysterious aura of these legendary mountains, with their craggy crowns and silhouetted giant Saguaro cacti.

“It’s misty this morning as I approach Phoenix, the result of rare recent rainfall. Glancing eastward toward the dawn, I savor misty layers of the Superstition Mountains torn from shades of monochrome paper. To a pilot it’s a photograph. To an artist it’s a painting. To a poet it’s verse. For me in my Flying Carpet, it’s a someday story hiding in an amazing view.”

Read the story in Greg’s Flying Carpet column, “Writers’ Rendezvous,” where this image first appeared.


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