“New Mexico Rain”

Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Print

“New Mexico Rain” was photographed between Dalhart, Texas and Las Vegas, New Mexico, over the normally sun-baked high plains of northeastern New Mexico. On this particular morning, rain and mist coaxed rare warmth and color from what’s normally a parched buff landscape. Read the story in “Homeward Bound,” Greg’s January, 2010 Flying Carpet column.

A special thing about piloting is that you can cross the same territory many times over, but depending on season, light, and weather conditions encounter a different landscape every time. This is part of the magic of flight. To quote from Greg’s book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane:

“Flying familiar country is like tracing the body of a lover — aviators over time grasp the true shape of every lake, the course of every railroad track, and where each road and gravel lane may go. Ranches lie hidden in mountain valleys far off the highway — but no matter how secret, I’ve been there. Yet also like a sweetheart, even the most well-known hills and valleys never become so familiar as to preclude a new adventure on every trip. Each unique palette of clouds, time, and light paints a fresh perspective.”


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